Creating Happy Clients


When a leading supermarket chain sought an alternative to newspaper advertising supplements, we created a mix utilizing radio, television, direct mail, and a new independent product.  Costs were reduced and dramatic increases in customer counts were realized.


When a plumbing group new to its market required compelling messaging and a plan to boost business, we implemented a targeted innovative print advertising campaign that included brochures, magazines and mailers. The firm quickly became the market's leader.


After a small independent roofer operating out of a large pickup truck turned his media planning over to us, we developed a low-budget media program that helped his company become a 40-truck business and one of the state's leading roofing companies.


Upon redesigning and re-branding a failing trade publication, revenues and readership rebounded. Our content plan and strategic innovations enabled the magazine to increase frequency and become the company's flagship publication, and most profitable venture. 

"Looking back at how my business has grown amid fierce competition, one of my best moves was turning to Karen Berry for guidance on developing effective advertising strategies 

--Kimo Pierce, HPG owner/manager